Versatility – Techlam is a large size panel 100x300 cm that can be adapted to all sizes.

Waterproof Qualities – Almost 0 water absorption, water, liquids, organic materials and graffiti cannot penetrate into this material.

Hardness – Scratch and abrasion resistant.

Hygienic surfaces – fully compatible with food stuffs. The product can be cleaned extremely easily.

Fire Resistance – Techlam is a high temperature resistant material, which does not produce any toxic smoke.

Chemical Product Resistant – Techlam is resistant to detergents and disinfectants.

Unalterable Colors – Without any organic pigment, Techlam can resist UV radiation and extreme climatic conditions.

Environmental Friendly – 100% natural. Techlam does not release any substances, also it can be easily milled and recycled.

Breaking Strength – High breaking point.

Cleaning – No special cleaning products required.

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