Decoration – Unlimited uses because its format and the combination with other materials makes it ideal in Bathrooms, kitchens and fascias.

Walls and Floors – Techlam is suitable for indoor and outdoor pavements, new constructions and refurbishments. Because its format saves time and material waste.

Ventilated Facades – Low thickness, also low weight and high hardness make Techlam ideal for interior and exterior ventilated facades.

Composite Panels – Techlam can be combined easily with other organic or inorganic materials, in order to produce composite panels.

Tunnels and Undergrounds – Because of its resitance to abrasion and corrosion, its low maintenance costs and easy clean properties, Techlam has numerous uses in undergrounds and tunnels.

Naval Construction – Techlam is impermeable, corrosion resistant and light, so its perfect for naval construction and ships furniture.

Medical Applications – The use of large format tiles reduces considerably the number of expansion joints and so does not produce mould, fungi or bacteria.

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